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We are a platform for all physical and recreational activity providers around you.


Just enter the activity and the place to view all the registered service providers for that specific activity.


Do check out NIGIPRI Events section. Buy tickets online and have a great time.

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Create your active profile. Become a part of the Nigipri.com. Stay updated, get active and together - "Let's Do This".


How to become a registered physical and recreational activity provider

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Click on sign up and select activity provider. Follow the instructions and create an account.

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Enter all your details as required. Upload your images and videos.

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Select the registration plan, make the payment and get live on our site.

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We charge no commission.

Who we are

We are a young and fresh start up, aiming to add some excitement around. We at NIGIPRI believe that physical and recreational activities are a way of life.

We aim to create an active environment, where everyone is involved in activities and events around them. Nigipri.com is a platform for all these physical and recreational activities and events which you may have always wanted to be a part of. Join nigipri.com and together "Let's Do This".

Harsh Pandorwala
Founder And Director

This company is a representation of everything I am passionate about. I believe in doing and exploring new things everyday in life. Feel free to contact me anytime regarding any doubts or any cool ideas.